The treatment of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine

Lumbar osteochondrosis is one of the most common diseases of mankind, confronted with this diagnosis, both men and women. This disease is a deterioration of cartilage throughout the vertebral column, the intervertebral disc tissue in the lumbosacral part of the spine, mostly in the area of risk people dropping to 30 years, but in the case of the physical work with a big load on the back, you may encounter such a Problem, and very young individuals.

Lumbar Spine Osteochondrosis

We are studying what the causes of this disease, as it is dangerous and what treatment methods are there?.

Causes of degenerative disc of the lumbar spine disorders

  1. Excessive load on the spine, heavy physical work, lifting heavy loads, including sports in the hall.
  2. Overweight, in connection with which the pressure and the load increases on the entire vertebral column.
  3. Lack of exercise, sedentary way of life, as a result of which, weaken the tissue between the cartilage Discs, and slows down the circulation of the blood.
  4. Uneven posture, congenital or acquired because of the wrong Position of the spine when sitting, charleneli in one direction.
  5. Injuries, contusions, sports, lifting, etc.
  6. Genetic Predisposition.
  7. Age-related changes, with the agility and elasticity of the spine is lost.
  8. Inflammation of the joints of the spine, Arthritis, scoliosis with offset Discs.
  9. Hypothermia, Stress, an imbalance between work and leisure.

The degree of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine

There are 4 main stages of the disease, gradually the transition from a mild to a difficult, we go to every single one of them.

1 degree

Weak pain in the spine, worse after Training, it is from the dull, muted, tingling pain in the back and in the buttocks, a short time can interfere with.

2 degrees

The distance between the vertebrae decreases, begins roots to crumble fiber ring and all the surrounding tissue, compressed nerves. Pain in this stage are sharper and more noticeable, during walking in the buttocks, thigh and lower leg. In a fit of human relief in bending in the opposite direction, that is, the pain it can cause a strong feeling of burn or cold opposite in the affected place.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine

3 degrees

Fiber Ring to be destroyed at this level in the rule, creating the appearance bulbosus hernia. Deformed tissue lumbar pain are almost always present, the intensity of which depends on the presence or absence of the physical stress.

4 degrees

Proliferation of the pathological character of the vertebrae of the lumbar spine, the cartilage atrophies, which leads to problems in the movement. The pain subsides for a short time, but then in larger venues and with increased intensity, in consequence of the loss of flexibility, mobility and the development of the disability can

The symptoms of lumbar degenerative disc disease

Pain sensations

In 98% of cases in this disease, pain occurs, hurts directly the area of the loin, and may give in the buttocks, the leg on the line of the finding of the sciatic nerve. The pain may be moderate and grow at a change of the Position of the body, jerky movements, sharp bends, and when the body does not tend to heated front seats, a Person easy to deploy, maybe back to me, to close when lifting heavy objects can be in a Position to begin and back pain in the lumbar spine.

In this disease, regardless of the degree of pain may occur even when vibration of the body during travel on public transport, sneezing, coughing, or deep breathing.

The feeling of tension

The sensation of a voltage derived drastically occurs and as quickly disappears, this happens mostly during Flexion and extension, the reason for these symptoms can be explained by the fact that, upset, nerve root is displaced by the bony transverse processes.

Impaired Sensitivity

In General, the sensitivity in the area of the lesion occur, not the way of part of the body touch. Can occur, such changes:

Reduced physical activity
  • Hyperesthesia (increased, increased sensitivity);
  • hypoesthesia or anesthesia (decreased sensitivity);
  • Paresthesia (for a long-lasting crawling, tingling or tingling sensation as with a syringe).

Changes in the sensitivity, in General, the occurrence of a certain, small strip in the middle of the inflammation, and can be anywhere hours from 5 minutes up to several.

Reduced physical activity

At different levels, on the agility homeopath, the atrophy of the muscles and what may simply lead to the movement, weaknesses, either to a complete paralysis. While physical activity is aggravated locations in a particular place, where the muscles are affected, the part of the body is not affected.

Disturbances of autonomic functions

Does not occur always, most of the time this happens with cervical osteochondrosis. Lumbar spine osteochondrosis provokes decreased circulation in the lower extremities, in consequence of, the feet are always cold, and the skin usually becomes pale. Also can be in a risk zone, and the bladder, the internal pressure (compression) on the fibers of the Cauda equina, there is the likelihood of the development of acute incontinence or the opposite of delay.

More rarely, the feeling of cold to occur on the body, with the fact that the temperature is lowered, excessive sweating, in the case of a complex Form of sexual dysfunction in men, and the complete lack of Libido and intimate lubricant for women.

In men, all described symptoms are more frequent and more intense, due to the fact that you to implement the heavy, physical work, increase more weights and, accordingly, a larger load on the back, therefore, to take place in stages, for the development of the disease from one Phase to the other, and happens many times faster.

Complications of lumbar osteochondrosis

    The unstable Position of the vertebrae
  1. Sciatica, Sciatica.
  2. The extent and speed of the destruction of the discs between the vertebrae increases, the curvature of the spine is maximally pronounced.
  3. The unstable Position of the vertebrae when the disc stops, its completely fixed and the cross part, which slides under any load, even a simple, "" the place with the sacrum. In consequence of impaired function and the work of the internal organs of the urogenital system. In men, this leads to the potency, in women, severe inflammation of the uterus, the ovaries, and of the appendages.
  4. The occurrence of hernias, and inflammatory processes, between different segments of a vertebra.

The treatment of osteochondrosis of the lumbar drugs

The expert medication, and a clear timetable for their inclusion are sufficiently tailored because of the effect of removing inflammatory stove, and prevent the appearance the appearance of pain Remission. The drug treatment should be exclusively of a medical specialist, with an indication of the individual's possibilities of taking of a drug and the dosage


Analgesics are able to quickly eliminate pain on a long enough time, but you have a temporary action for a simpler, but without any therapeutic effect.

Anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are commonly prescribed in combination with analgesics, they reinforce the effect of each other to reduce, or completely eliminate, the inflammation, or, in the case of the combination of the two groups is a therapeutic effect is exerted, but still temporary.

Chondroprotectors — role to fulfill, essential Vitamin C for cartilage and bone benefits, you will be appointed for a comprehensive recording with the pain of a group of drugs, the function of which tissue is to protect and further destruction to prevent.

Ointments/gels for topical application

The local application of the gels for the Absorption of the funds in the direct source of the pain, the inflammation to eliminate an additional, longer effect, and relieve swelling.



To cope with injections with the task of eliminating the pain and inflammation faster of the other options listed. The injections are in the position to stop the spasm, a feeling of entrapment and the strain of lumbar muscles and fibers.

To achieve often, for a rapid effect of the Blockade, i.e., cut away a certain painful area sedative drugs, the effect occurs instantly and lasts up to 9 hours.

The treatment of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine folk medicine

Traditional methods of treatment, the effectiveness non-inferior to drug therapy, if treatment is started in time to be and not start the inflammatory process. You can also, in conjunction with traditional methods of treatment in the facility, then the chances for a speedy recovery are times it is multiplied.

Adamove Root

200 grams of grated on a fine grater adamove root of Coesfeld in the vernacular of vodka in a dark container, 5 days a week and drag send. Used topically, the sick of the place do not RUB, rinse, after wrapping up this part of the warm scarf. Is given General anesthesia and warming effects.


Resist barnacles are within 10 minutes over the steam, you wrap to the location of the pain, so that 1-1. 5 hours. According to the same method you can use and birch leaves.


With grated horseradish sauce, squeeze the juice and mix 1:1 with vodka or diluted alcohol. RUB the lumbar, up to three times per day Department, one of which, before going to bed, wrap a blanket.

Coniferous Wood Bathtub

A pleasant and effective way to relieve pain and tension in the warm water branches of the fir-place needles in the amount of 3-4 pieces and add a few drops of the same oil.

The duration of the bath is expected to attract more than 15 minutes, then warm. Procedure is most relax best at night, this method helps in addition, and improves the quality of sleep.


In 0.5 liters of water, put the leaves of the cowberry, cinquefoil, thyme, hop cones, 10 grams, bring to a boil, cover, for an hour to leave. Strain, drink three times a day 50 ml after eating. In the course of a month to half a year.

Ointment No1

Blend of herbs

A mix between grass, mint, violets, pine buds, burdock root, leaf, plantain, chamomile uniformly, grinding the mixture until the condition of the powder. Three tablespoons no slides minced collection pour 100 ml of boiling water and cook on low heat for five minutes, stirring constantly, the hot-mix with warm, melted pork fat, in a volume of 75 grams, allow to cool and place in the refrigerator, do not store for more than two weeks after preparation.

Use twice daily, place a thin layer on the affected, to easier.

Ointment No2

200 grams of melted lard to connect with 75 grams beeswax 30 grams powder of root of Altea, a vial of lidocaine, mix until it is homogeneous, store in the refrigerator and not longer than 1.5 months. Use in severe pain in combination with injections or tablets, for mild pain, it will be enough only ointment.

Prevention of lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration

  1. At a sedentary, work life, under the loin underlay should special orthopedic Mini pillow or cushion.
  2. When lifting, should be in a position in which the main load of the weight pripadet on the legs and not the back to the front, the prevention of tilting of the housing to the heated seats.
  3. Keep the lower back warm any time of the year, avoid hypothermia.
  4. Orthopedic Mattress
  5. Try to go 2-3 times per hour the Position, not to long in any one Position for a long time, in any Position you hold your body posture is straight.
  6. They make a special therapeutic exercises and gymnastics for the lumbar area and the back as a whole, take this with malku their children.
  7. Need to sleep on a hard, flat mattress, ideal as orthopedic, hard.
  8. You don't and you can't develop other problems with your back, the feeling of discomfort or pain, do not be lazy to get to the clinic.

Such disease as osteochondrosis, difficult to treat at any time, a healthy spine gives us the ability to move and to live a full life,so it is run is very important and not to ignore even the most insignificant, the first signals of pain and discomfort, to avoid possible consequences and complications.