Exacerbation of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine: symptoms, treatment

Obviously, with such disease as osteochondrosis, met a lot of people. Doctors believe this disease is a popular disease, to blame and, in particular, low mobility, characteristic of the current way of life. The second cause than alcohol, and nutritional imbalance. These factors can lead to deterioration of the dormant disease. A widespread osteochondrosis is considered to be the neck. He caused the most frequent exacerbations, because it is exactly in this Zone the localization neckline, corset with your mobile, small invertebrates and the lack of a strong, muscular, prone to pathological influences in the highest degree.

Osteochondrosis it

How dangerous is osteochondrosis of the cervical

The biggest danger is that the disease has different stages, and not on the first. The intervertebral discs begin the examination of the destruction immediately, as soon as the disease begins, but first, Degeneration small. Only the discomfort in the neck area, Yes occasional pain aching to allow diseases, there is a presumption on the occurrence of degenerative disc.

Stage of osteochondrosis

On the spectrum of symptoms is not always possible to determine in which stage of the disease the Patient is located. But the deterioration can be seen clearly, since this phenomenon is a special symptoms.

Not always easy to determine the stage of the disease, on the analysis of the symptoms because sometimes, the degree of degradation of bone and cartilage tissue may not necessarily signs observed in a patient

Important! The first serious "Signal" the brain gets in the transition of the disease in the second stage. The pain is significantly lower that Fort. Can occur the syndrome with the name of "slate head" (when the head is supported, the pain subsides).

During the transition to the third Phase of the noticeable changes in the sensation of pain didn't happen, but the Symptom added, nausea and dizziness, it can also decrease the sensitivity in the hands.

The fourth stage without proper treatment can lead to the need of the Operation.

Why the disease escalated

It is necessary to notice that the process is trouble depending on the stage, he can on each of them, from the first to the last. Aggravation always the cause. Your main list looks like this.

  1. The Patient made a sharp movement.
  2. On the neck excessive exposure made.
  3. Happened to weight lifting or long travel.
  4. The Patient is in a state of Stress or situations, when he is nervous.
  5. No specialist produces Massage. Either the expert is not about the existence of a Patient of osteochondrosis has not knew, because he warned him.
  6. Observed strong fluctuations in the weather.
  7. The Patient received a sub-cooling of the whole body or to a cold Zone of the neck.
  8. After the Sauna, the Patient appeared under the ice or just cold water.
  9. The age of patients significant, in the intervertebral discs blurred and damaged due to age-related wear and tear.

If not treated osteochondrosis, no matter what stage he was in, aggravation inevitably arise sooner or later. Exacerbation of symptoms of osteochondrosis of the neck you need to know and understand the differentiating signs of other vertebrate diseases.

Exacerbation of the symptoms.

The brightness of the expression of the symptoms depends on the stage of the pathologist and the degree of Progression.

Your list of next.

  1. Pain in the area of the head.
  2. Decrease in the sensitivity of the skin to the parietal Zone.
  3. Pain with a side of the neck.
  4. Pain in the collarbone and the shoulder.
  5. Heavy Language.
  6. Interruptions of the breathing, it's not smooth.
  7. Pain in the inner areas.
  8. Painful symptoms in the right upper abdomen.
  9. Headache with pressure on the eyes or unilateral headache only parts of it.
  10. The crunching, the sounds in the cervical area at the back of the implementation of the tilt, head nod or turn his head.
  11. Fog in the eyes, spots or points, hearing impairment and ringing in the ears.
  12. Pain and muscle weakness in the hands, to the brush.
Symptoms of osteochondrosis

To these symptoms, it is not difficult to note, and yet the patients do not visit, even in this Situation, in a hurry, a doctor, and try to help yourself home remedies.

Tip. If the condition worsens, patients should first aid as fast as possible, and appoint it the doctor should make. If the Patient is at home doctor at home.

First aid and treatment

So, should be assigned to the treatment of a specialist, so that, if the aggravation was a surprise to the patients home by a the call of the doctor certainly is. Until the arrival of the doctor you have to as follows.

  1. The maximum movement limit.
  2. To go to bed and have no physical exertion.
  3. Take pain medication, the best solution of which will be AnalGin in this case, "" and its group.
  4. Expect the arrival of a physician.Drug Treatment

The doctor is steroids and drugs to alleviate the inflammation that is worsening is inevitable. Also be assigned to the medication for the joints, which will help you the destructive processes in the discs, or at least to reduce the speed performance of the forms of their appearance. Take you need to year in a long time, at least a half. But you can help to prevent subsequent deterioration of the disease.

Medications, the the patient will be dismissed to the group of muscle relaxants to loosen the muscles of the abnormal voltage. Plus assigned vascular, and diuretics, nootropics and B-vitamins can be.

By the way. In the case of a strong aggravation, accompanied by severe pain, can be assigned to a procedure, the Blockade, if I get a syringe, directly in the area of the affected vertebra, brings medicine to agreement quickly and at a decreasing rate, hence the pain.

Drug-Free Treatment

Except tablets and injections, and optionally a complex of non-drug measures. These include:

  • Remedial gymnastics;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Massage.


Teaching, in the Form of specially developed exercises – the most effective way to facilitate the course of the exacerbation of osteochondrosis of the neck-and reduce their intensity. You must regularly, in the conditions of the sports centre or at home, the exercises that strengthen the muscles. The muscles helps to support the vertebral column weakened lesion of the segments, by using the load and fill the lack of functionality.


This type of therapy differs from the minimum number of contraindications, but it has a number of useful effects. In the physiotherapy Kit is one of the following included:

  • Ultrasound;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Magnetic field therapy;
  • Electrophoresis.

Magnetic field therapy

The latter is done with medicines or chemical preparations that speed up the process of relief of the exacerbation.


He shows sure, because of course only regular Massage reduces the muscle tone, devalued spasm, reduce swelling, by the outflow of the lymph and the blood flow back to normal. All this in turn stops the process of destruction of hard drives.

Treatment methods

Other Methods

The load on the neck, as in the time of the acute, as well as then, if of sedentary work, we recommend the wearing of a collar of a trench. This orthopaedic device is holding the neck in Position by the strain on the muscles and vertebrae.

Important mattress, but the pillow is not also the organization of the sleeping place, equipped only hard, this is prevented by the curvature of the neck.

Information about exacerbation

How many exacerbation can be continued, which is the force of the attack is to happen, how soon exacerbation again – this and other information often, patients interested. Phases of exacerbations be any different.

Important! If the treatment starts immediately after the beginning of the attack, and the therapy is adequate, the peak of the disease go back a few days later. If not treated immediately, the aggravation can last for weeks and cause a serious impact.

In the case of the late treatment, an increased cervical degenerative disc disease attack may abate somewhat, but he's not docked, and that is, it is the only one. A number of exacerbations, the spaces between which is always smaller, and the pain during the heart attack will be enhanced as follows.

A worsening back

If at least once in the life of a Patient is an aggravation of cervical degenerative disc undergoes disease, he probably doesn't want the seizures repeat. This is possible if you have a serious prevention of exacerbations.

By the way. In the event of aggravation of an Intensive treatment, which carries in addition to medication, a whole series of other procedures. But as soon as the therapy ends, the Patient is relaxed, when you consider that the danger is over. This is not the case, because without the events on exacerbation may occur again in the near future.

What you can do to reverse cases are rare.

as for the treatment of osteochondrosis
  1. You can find an experienced Masseur and under the effect of the treatment Massage.
  2. To see a chiropractor.
  3. Diet Regime, forgoing harmful in this Situation, the products and the entering into of the diet, an increased dose of Magnesium and potassium.
  4. Begin a regular physical activity and swimming.

In everyday life it is common preventative recommendations is recommended. Warm up when the long sitting, to walking, to eat too much and avoid obesity. Also, it is very important to have a disease to cure immediately at the first signs, without waiting for aggravation. Osteochondrosis smart, he can hide, and then again in the most unexpected Moment, causing severe pain, an obstacle to full-fledged existence.