Osteoarthritis of the knee: symptoms and effective treatment

The osteoarthritis of the knee is a very common condition, as a result of metabolic disorders in patients (primary osteoarthritis), infectious Arthritis, and injury (secondary osteoarthritis), there are a number of anatomical changes in the tissues of the joints.

Symptoms and extent of the arthrosis of the knee joint

In the case of osteoarthritis of the knee joints in the first degree joints are moving in one direction is limited and, to a lesser extent. In such an arthrosis of the joints of the swelling has not, the color of the skin in the area of the joint does not change, thermal reactions appear. The main symptoms in this case, weak pain in the joints, tingling, but also in the joints, it may cause.

Artrosis Of The Knee Joint

For osteoarthritis knee joints of the second degree, as is the case with osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint symptoms are lighter. This type of arthritis is the most common. Patients in the second degree with the disease usually complain of fatigue, pressure and tension in the joints, complain of pain during and after exertion, fatigue, and pain in the area of the joint to and during the lifting of heavy objects, long walk. The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the second degree are Crunches is the joints in the knee, difficulty in flexion/extension of the knee. In the case of osteoarthritis, second-degree joints deform start.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the third degree are pain in the joint, very sharp, the inconvenience to the patient, even in the idle state. The man can't pick up a comfortable Position, so that in this stage of the disease, it is very difficult to fall asleep. Damaged joints tend to show the reactions to changes in the weather conditions, not bent joints almost.

The treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint

Treat osteoarthritis of the knee joint non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In the case of osteoarthritis, non-steroidal, i.e., non-hormonal, anti-inflammatory drugs traditionally used for the elimination of the inflammation and pain, because of the severe pain is not possible to start treatment way. Only after the pain anti-inflammatory drugs, to be eliminated, you can massage to complex physiotherapy and physiotherapeutic procedures.

But such drugs should not, in the course of time, because you can "disguise" a Manifestation of the disease, or, as the doctors say, take symptoms. If the pain subsides, it creates the deceptive impression to cure the joint begins. And arthritis at this time forward. To eliminate, therefore, NSAIDs are able to the symptoms of the disease, not to treat.

You can also make use of Chondroprotectors in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Chondroprotectors is a substance which is able to nourish the cartilage, and restore structure of the damaged joint. This is the most useful drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Chondroprotectors have the ability to eliminate the cause of the disease. In the case of the application of such medications such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine restore the cartilage surfaces of the joints, the lubricating fluid, the normalization of its properties improved.

Among other things, you should medical creams and ointments in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Ointments and creams will not cure osteoarthritis of the knee joint, but in the situation, the reduction in knee pain and improve the condition of the patient. Also, many of the ointments help to improve blood circulation in the area of the joints.

The treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint

To improve the blood circulation in the knee joint, you should use the ointments. With the help of such ointments Patient comfort and pleasant heat. Side effects have not (with few exceptions).

Also for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joints of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments should. Such ointments apply in the case of the deepening of osteoarthritis of the knee Synovitis phenomena.

Not to neglect, and various types of compresses. Finally, the agents have. the for compress, there is a effective therapeutic effect in contrast to ointments.

We can not injection (Intra), ignore it.

Inside-the injections of osteoarthritis of the knee benefits in the provision of emergency medical care in the case. Often use this method, such as intra-articular injection is not recommended, although often have to resort to him, because of the condition of the patient considerably facilitates the application of the injection. And not to forget that, prior to the application of the weak acting drugs consult absolutely necessary, a doctor.

There is also the use of physiotherapy and manual therapy. These methods of treatment have virtually no side-effects, and therefore preferable.

Manual therapy is recommended in osteoarthritis of the joint first and second degree, is a very effective positive result.

Many doctors recommend the employment of medical gymnastics. Physiotherapy is necessary to strengthen the muscles to pump the blood vessels, to renew the blood stream, up to the maximum possibility. The advantage of this method of treatment is that you will need, you are wasting your money on different medications. They require little space in the room, as well as a Mat or blanket on the floor.

Some types of gymnastic exercises, which will help you deal with the disease: lift straightened legs in the prone position; extension and flexion of the knee joint up to the stop in the prone position.

Exercises for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joints:

Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint

Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint

During the change of cartilage tissue, the disappearance of the cartilage observed damage completely, so step occurs to the bone, urban sprawl on the periphery, and the formation of exostoses. As a result of his knee deformed, appears to be such a disease, such as deforming arthrosis of the knee joint.

In this case, as the conservative and operative method of treatment.

In the conservative treatment limitation of physical activity on the affected joints are involved in gymnastics, use of medicines for a swim, sick (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, corticosteroids, and other drugs).

The surgical treatment implies, up to and including arthroscopy joint of the knee (the endoscopic therapeutic and diagnostic Operation) extends. In this case, the removal of the destroyed fragments of cartilage, meniscus and other damaged structures.