Back pain: when they begin to sound the Alarm

Back Massage Hands

With complaints in the area of the back, sooner or later, each first face. But one thing – if the pain disappear on their own within two to three days, and quite another – if the pain regularly or will be so strong, to endure, there is no way. In such cases, not without the help of professionals from the field of medicine.

Contusion or sprain

A large part of the cases of back pain associated with damage to the ligaments or muscle fibers. "Pull-back" can lift due to a fall, heavy weights, and also unsuccessful jerky movements. At the site of injury usually occurs swelling, and the skin is bluish.

If the pain does not bother the weak, and life most likely within a few days all by itself; to restrict everything, what you need to do, and to the possibility of physical exertion. However, if for the violation of the third day, and the pain went already still not let go, it makes sense to visit the stomatologist trauma. It also happens, that from the beginning, the pain so strong, to endure without pain relievers it is impossible; in this case, it is better, in the emergency room without delay.


This disease, attacking the cartilage of the joints, usually those with more than 45 years. It begins with slight aching pain and stiffness of the movements; to increase in the course of the time symptoms. Sometimes come, and crackling of the joints during the movements begin, to swell on the back of the spine.

The first step is to visit a therapist or rheumatologist. The diagnosis of the doctor, and blood is rays tests and x-rays. In the early stages of the disease, and milder forms of diet, well-chosen movement, warm baths, and drug therapy help. In the case of serious forms and in advanced cases, you may need to prosthetic joint replacement.


Bent lace up boots, Yes so it and solidifies in a difficult Position, the teeth clench in pain; so sciatica shows. For a long time, the disease is not observed in the younger and usually over 40. However, in the last few decades, sciatica quickly began younger. In the group of risk as a victim of sedentary work and the worker professional sports.

The cause of the disease – inflammation or damage to the nerve roots. The most common type of diseases – sciatica, characterized by strong pain in the loin, which at the time of the slopes, or walk. Rare chest sciatica (pain how to gird up your chest), neck-and-neck-shoulder-sciatica (pain focused in the neck, the shoulders, to the hands, and sometimes you dizzy).

If something similar happens, do not hesitate a visit to the nerve doctor. An accurate diagnosis helps addiction radiologic follow-UPS. The treatment is complex: anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, physiotherapy, massage, and movement therapy.

Acute Pyelonephritis

In General, the beautiful sex acts; blame it on the structural features of the urethra in women. The first Signal is a strong pain in the back, in the area of the waist or a little higher; can be in Boca. The temperature rises to 40 degrees, starts chills headache; nausea up to vomiting. Frequent urge to urinate; the urine gives way to a cloudy, strong-smelling, sometimes with blood.

At the first sign of need to so quickly call for an ambulance; with the kidneys, it is not to be trifled with, in this case the smallest delay may lead to irreversible defeat. Treat acute Pyelonephritis, usually in a hospital, prescribe a course of antibiotics in the Form of an injection, if necessary, to ensure the normal outflow of the urine catheter to be administered into the ureter, and in difficult cases, which, fortunately, there is rarely recourse to surgical Intervention.

Herniated disc

Of your not insured, including young people. Indications are that the defective structure of the disks, the vertebrae can be separated from each other can be very different: from weak pain in the back, and slight numbness of the muscles up to bouts of dizziness, high blood pressure, numbness of the limbs while walking, and urinary incontinence. The stronger the symptoms are pronounced, the more likely it is necessary to get to the doctor – orthopedist or surgeon. The informative study – MRI of the spine: the results show, I can do without conservative treatment or surgical intervention is required.

Fracture of a vertebra

In General, the result of a serious injury – such as height of fall or traffic accident. However, in people over 60 years suffer from osteoporosis, the fracture of a vertebra can tilt even a slight physical effort, such as banal. Muscle cramps, sudden and severe pain in the back, pronounced hematoma – a reason to immediately to help to traumatologist. It appoints CT or MRI, and bone densitometry – densitometry. In most cases, the treatment involves the wearing of a special corset and receiving of local painkillers, but in the case of complicated fractures, especially if you have a damaged spinal cord-nerve – not without surgery.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Other name – ankylosing Spondylitis, ankylosing Spondylitis. It starts with the fact that in the movement there is a strong stiffness (to bending over is difficult and sometimes even impossible), back pain in the lumbar region, joints pain. Pain, characteristically, alienation and low levels of physical activity or after a hot shower. Then, the constant weakness, weight loss, and subfebrile (below 37.5 degrees) temperature can. Usually, the disease of young people, not subject 30; men suffer nine times more often than women.

With the visit to the doctor better not to merge. Otherwise, sooner or later, about himself is joints such unpleasant complications know how constant pain in the back, severe curvature of the spine, violation of labor more and more. Get ready for the regular communication with physicians; the correct diagnosis for at least three months must be observed. Treatment – corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy.

Trauma to the spine

Serious injury, accompanied by an injury to the spinal cord, can lead to a car accident, fall from height and other accidents. Symptoms: acute pain or, on the contrary, the complete loss of sensitivity in the back and the extremities; can be difficult to breathe, there are cases of incontinence of feces and urine. The sooner be able to call an ambulance, the better. And here is the concerned of the move itself – is a bad idea; so you can damage even more.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve

Other Names – Sciatica, Sciatica. If the sciatic nerve is inflamed, localized pain in the lower back and buttocks, which he will be reinforced in the legs and cough. To come sometimes pain muscle weakness and numbness in the legs; can cause swelling of the feet and excessive sweating of the feet. In the case of such signs is worth a visit neurologist; doctor check your reflexes, ultrasound and MRI, prescribe, recommend anti-inflammatories as well as Massage, movement therapy, physiotherapy, and manual therapy.


When the back is pain in the lumbar region and sacrum, pain, or legs, if in the case of physical activity, the pain intensified, to feel if when you bend over or turn to significant discomfort, the likelihood is great that you are faced with the manifestations of lumbar degenerative disc disease. Its characteristic feature is also a violation of the sensitivity of the feet. In the case of osteochondrosis thoracic pain between the shoulder blades and in the chest; reinforced during the cooling, deep breath and exhale, or you try to turn around, to feel stronger during the night than during the day. Who gives Thoracic osteochondrosis, often complain that the chest goose bumps run as you would be crushed from all sides, and after the skin and again. To visit at the first disturbing signs of a neurologist; doctor, x-rays and MRI problematic spine. Treatment of degenerative disc disease includes manual therapy, exercise therapy, Massage.