Treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease at home: traditional methods

Headaches with cervical osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine in the early stages may not manifest itself. Accompanying signs appear only in the case of the booted Form of the pathology, if there is a blood circulation disorder in the brain. This process is usually accompanied:

  • Dizziness;
  • Numbness of the extremities;
  • cold hands and feet;
  • "Back down runs" in the eyes, opacity;
  • Headaches;
  • Noise in my head, ringing in the ears;
  • Fatigue;
  • Irritability;
  • Coordination disorders;
  • Uncertainty in the gait;
  • Tingling, pins and needles in the cervical muscles.

If the disease takes a chronic Form, the discomfort and pain sensations accompany the patient constantly. The main symptoms:

  • Pain in the head, neck, shoulder, arm, difficulty moving, always always of the head, crunching when turning the head or bending;
  • the pain went character in the area of the left chest radiating to the left arm, burning between the shoulder blades;
  • Frequently occurring headache, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath rotation of the head;
  • Pain in the neck go to the shoulder and Hand and numbness of the fingers;
  • possibly, the deterioration of hearing and eyesight, numbness of the tongue and face, dizziness, injury to the lung and heart function.

The symptoms are divided into three groups:

I — neurological symptoms (persistent neck pain, muscle pain, chest, joints);

II — pathological effect on the spinal cord (weakness in the arms and legs, involuntary spasms, myelopathy);

III — to remind, in connection with the occurring processes in the brain (cerebral symptoms due to insufficient blood supply, blurred vision, feeling of a foreign body in the throat, noise, and ringing in the ears, hearing impairment, dizziness, balance problems when walking, fainting, fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances, decreased ability goods).

The main causes

The disease is characterized by degenerative-degenerative changes, is where the spine is exposed to the intervertebral disc of the neck. This is changed in the infringements of the neck, in consequence of the structure of the intervertebral discs and their bodies.

The main causes of the disease:

  1. the high level of salts to use in the lymph and blood (people are constantly active exchange between bone and muscle tissue, in the case of the static way of life, the speed of blood flow slows down, in muscle tissue less salts comes, they accumulate in areas of the kidneys are not the physical — the joints, the spine, the liver);
  2. instead of in cartilage tissue irreversible changes (osteochondrosis changes in the damping properties in the vertebrae, causing the flexibility and elasticity of the cartilage substance) to lose;
  3. prolonged exposure Position, resulting in a surge of the muscles of the neck, of the back (working on the table, the pressing of the feeding of the spine, the blood vessels, leading to the Degeneration of intervertebral discs is a leaning of the neck and tipped head);
  4. if you are overweight, the spine and the intervertebral discs deform fades because of the high stress, muscular corset;
  5. due to improper metabolism, disturbed equilibrium of the minerals in the bone to use.
  6. high physical load;
  7. hereditary predisposition;
  8. Scoliosis, Posture Disorders;
  9. frequent muscle spasms of the back and of the neck;
  10. congenital pathology of the spine, neck spine;
  11. weak muscles of the back and neck;
  12. frequent Stress;
  13. Injuries of the spine;
  14. endocrine pathology;

Methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease home

The treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine should be comprehensive. First of all, you need to stop the sensation of pain with the help of ointments, gels, creams, Home-compresses. It is important in this case and the daily implementation of the self-massage, gymnastic exercises. To change in addition, you need to complete lifestyle rethink nutritious diet, moving more and more, outdoor, etc.

Folk remedies for the neck RUB

In more detail each of these in compliance with the instructions, made carefully to the advice of the physician, the Patient good results in a short period of time. The implementation of the self-massage saves the Finance, the use of herbal decoctions, and tinctures in lieu of specific drugs reduces the negative effects of drugs on the various organs. The home treatment pursued certain goals: to rid the patient of pain; improves blood flow to the brain; normalize sleep, remove fear, and irritability; to stop deafness, Zone of the shoulder girdle; the improvement of the Innervation of the cervical spine and adjacent areas.


Treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease in the domestic conditions of the people resources necessary to begin with rastirok. This useful method allows to relieve pain, improve the blood circulation in the brain, to eliminate inflammation, etc.

  • Vodka with horseradish. The root of the plant is crushed with a blender or coffee grinders. The resulting powder is mixed with vodka or alcohol in equal amounts. The therapeutic composition of go in the of the neck area and rubbed in before bedtime. The duration of therapy is at home 10-14 days.
  • Cologne and Calendula. Dried flowers of calendula (200 gr.) be crushed. The mixture filled with the same quantity of camphor alcohol and perfume. There are drug should 2 weeks. After the filtration, the composition of the neck area and rubbed in.
  • Propolis and pork fat. 150 ml pork fat melted in the microwave. Added 30 gr. Propolis. The ingredients are mixed. The attrition takes place in the night. After the neck wool shawl wrapped.
  • Contained contained olive oil, sage and plantain. A more effective method for the treatment of the spine folk medicine. For the production of medications, you need 2 tablespoons of sage and plantain. Herbal mixture contained contained olive oil was poured (50 ml) and the molten petroleum jelly (40 ml). The composition is rubbed on the treated neck, and carefully. Homemade ointment is applied 2-3 times a day. After the procedure Neck with a warm scarf wrapped.
  • Mix 200 ml of alcohol, ten drops of iodine, so much camphor. Add five tablets to a powder metamizola sodium ground. Apply neck RUB.
  • To steam baths, fresh sheets shell out of burdock, or horseradish. Applying in the Form of heat to the neck, with a handkerchief fasten. Hold this compress for an hour.
  • Mix a spoonful of red pepper (ground), 200 ml of camphor, the same of medical bile. Vegetable oil to lubricate the skin of the neck, the finished composition.
  • Take three egg whites, half a glass of vodka, a spoonful of bright-beige. Mix everything, apply compresses for the night.
  • Two tablespoons of honey mix the vodka, Aloe juice until a thick mass. Use for envelopes, or rubbing of the neck.
  • In the case of active inflammation, you can make a compress of honey, mixed in equal parts with grated fresh potatoes.
  • Boil the potatoes, mash it until the consistency of puree. To wait mixed with honey, until a little cooled, apply to the neck. Attach the foil, and cloth.
  • You can mix the tablets mummy with honey. Put the mixture on bintovuju Association, apply to the neck.
  • Add 200 ml of hot water 3 tablespoons of salt. Impregnation in the manufacture of liquid gauze, apply to the neck.
  • Tinctures and decoctions

Tinctures and decoctions for inclusion in

Folk treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease without the use of tinctures.

  1. Blood eyes extracts. Dried plant in an amount of 30 gr. filled with boiling water (0.5 liters). Is brewed the funds within 3 weeks. Drink drug should 1 tbsp. L. three times a day. The course of therapy is 1 month.
  2. Mint and chamomile. 1 tbsp chamomile (so much mint), poured 300 ml of water. Means 10 minutes is cooked on the small fire. Food composition is recommended, half a Cup twice a day for 21 days.
  3. Garlic and lemon. For starters, citrus 4-piece), pressed (. In the got juice 200 gr added. crushed garlic. The composition is poured boiled water and infuse for 2 hours in the refrigerator. Food should be a half a Cup after Breakfast within 3 weeks.
  4. A decoction of the roots of parsley. The roots of parsley (50 gr.) be crushed and added to boiling water (0.5 liters). Boil the mixture on low heat for 1.5 hours. Take remedy for cervical degenerative disc disease you should 1 tbsp. L. three times a day for 3 weeks.
  5. Infusion of pine buds. For tinctures, the kidneys collect until may. Length of the kidney is not more than 20 mm. the plants are in cups, neatly folded in a glass bowl, with crystal sugar. Ratio: 1 bowl of kidneys have 2 bowls of granulated sugar. The drug comes in two weeks, with the purchase of a brown-and-gold Be. Take 3 times a day, 0.005 litre. Do not immediately swallow, but in the mouth, hold for 120-180 seconds. The course duration is 2-3 weeks, but the pain is already removed after a few days.

Treatment with traditional methods should not month longer than 1. After this period, you should take a break and then resume the therapy.

Medical Spas

Another effective way of the national treatment of degenerative disc of the cervical disease, the acceptance of medicinal baths. This treatment promotes relaxation, lowering blood pressure, relaxation of the spine.

Therapeutic Bath

You take a bath may not in the case of oncological pathologies, hypertension, diseases of the heart.

As the main components applied to branches of pine needles, chamomile, mustard powder, leaves of the birch can be. Good results shows the addition of broth into the tub horse chestnut.

Help degenerative disc of the neck, diseases of the spine, the following baths:

  1. The salt mine. 4-6 kg of salt hot water to be dissolved in 500 ml. The content pours into the tub with warm water. The procedure takes at least 15 minutes.
  2. Turpentine. This process loads the inflammatory process, is the healing, regenerating and resolution of actions. A procedure require 20-50 ml of pure turpentine.
  3. Needles. Good medicine for the treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae. The finished extract of pine needles can be purchased in the pharmacy and insert it in the tub.
  4. Chamomile. 300 gr. dried plants and flowers pour 5 liters of water. The mixture should cook for around 20 minutes, then leave for 20 minutes and filter. Chamomile bath, followed by a half hour.

Medical Compresses

Many do not know how to Cure cervical osteochondrosis accompanied by severe pain. Traditional homemade compresses help.

  1. The leaves of the horseradish. A few sheets are saturated cooled with boiling water, and place on the painful area. The top of the neck portion, we recommend to wrap a wool scarf. The procedure is in the night. You only need to use 10-15 treatment sessions every day. Then a break occurs and the therapy resumed.
  2. Potatoes and honey. A large potato, grated on a fine grater, to add your 2 tbsp. L. Honey. The ingredients are mixed and applied to the gauze, a folded together. The compress on the night. The neck wrap cellophane, and wool scarf. Duration of the home therapy 7-10 days.
  3. Therapeutic Wrap
  4. Kerosene. Gauze or a piece of cloth in kerosene wetted with the sick area. Neck plastic bag wrapped, and a warm scarf. The compress should keep 2 hours. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Pharmacy mash with cervical osteochondrosis

Treat cervical osteochondrosis in house conditions it is possible with the help of chatterboxes. This means the inflammation and relieve even remove from the severe pain. So, bought at the pharmacy must be:

  • ethanol solution;
  • Camphor Ointment Alcohol;
  • Metamizole Sodium;
  • Iod.

300 ml at a glance at a glance medical alcohol should mix with 10 ml of camphor and the same amount of iodine. In the resulting composition of 10 tablets metamizola sodium dissolves. Medication is rubbed on the painful end of range movements. You should be careful, if the skin rashes lesions and skin.

Here is a Charmeuse, the diseases exempt from cervical degenerative disc is another:. The treatment of folk medicine, which included medical preparations, the doctor must. So, for the production of therapeutic compositions are needed:

  • 50 ml of the diluted medical alcohol;
  • 3 egg whites (beaten);
  • 50 ml of camphor alcohol;
  • 50 gr. Of mustard powder.

For the second medium:

  • 150 ml of the diluted medical alcohol;
  • 50 ml of Aloe juice (available in the pharmacy);
  • 100 ml of honey.

Both mixtures were infused for 10-12 hours in the place where the sun no access.

For the treatment of the cervical spine is performed as follows. In the first 3 days of inventory № 1, the next 3 days — № 2. After that, pour the medium alternate with the same distance within 12 days away.

The stocks with the Marley and remain up to the complete dehydration.

Applicators and Tumbler

Treatable disease of the neck is, when to use applicators. These devices are able to impact on the Region of the spine and adjust the shape of the spine. In addition, they are used to relieve pain. Customer reviews say that the relief comes after the first use — headaches, normalizes blood pressure, dizziness, out of it.

Productive in the fight against the disease adopted massager-collar. Devices with the remote control in the situation, the level of exposure. Pain after 10 minutes from the beginning of the treatment.

Not less popular and effective manual massage devices. When cervical osteochondrosis in General, the device is prescribed with heat effect. A session lasts 40 minutes.


Well, the Jade of Finland for the neck proven. Its cost is rather high, but the effect of its use not have to wait long.

As for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis with the help of self-massage?

To the question, "to be treated as a self in the presence of cervical degenerative disc disease", you can answer: "self-Massage". It is recommended in the comfortable armchair and maximum relaxation. Massage should not be accompanied by pain, no pressure, and violence. The correct implementation of the method makes it possible to relieve in a short time the pain and improve health.

The positive sides:

  • a gentle pressure on the neck area, prevents the accumulation of salts, improves the blood circulation;
  • Massage into the fabric accelerates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen;
  • reduce pain;
  • during the procedure the muscles of the neck and the shoulder girdle to relax;
  • in the standard metabolism in the tissues of the cervical spine;
  • often the blood pressure drops to optimal performance.

Massage therapist comes to the house, leads a session, but the procedure is quite expensive, long Massage course at the osteochondrosis is expensive. Patients can perform self-massage, without any financial cost with the same use.

Task — Massage-to study techniques, to show the active points, the massage necessarily, you will not know about the areas on which you should act. Techniques of self-massage is straightforward, we must act carefully, without jerky movements.

The most important rules:

  • the direction of movement of the spine in the periphery;
  • the Massage is only with the fingers, without the use of additional devices;
  • strong pressure is excluded: only soft, sensitive impact;
  • the flowing movements: rush, sharp printing is not permitted.

The basic techniques:

  • stroking;
  • knead;
  • Attrition.

Treatment area:

  • Muscles of the lateral and posterior neck region;
  • the back of the neck.

So, how to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical spine with the help of self-massage? A session with cuddles begins (actually, so he and ends). The left Hand is placed on the right shoulder. The head rotates to the left. The movements start with the neck and the shoulder. Then Hand changes, and the head rotates in the opposite direction. Pet takes about 6-7 minutes.

  1. Attrition. The movements are carried out in circular movements from the neck to the shoulder. Enough 3-4 approaches for each page. The turning of the head, as in the previous case.
  2. Self-massage
  3. Tingling. In the same direction, the implementation of start movements, the NIPS. Each page should massage in for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Pat. In this case, must simulate a boat. This "boat" and Pat movement. The direction of the same.

Ends self-massage stroke.

Effective exercises

Traditional methods of treatment are applied together with self-Massage and physical exercises.

Gymnastics is best in the early hours of the morning after waking up. If the exercises cause dizziness, then you should in a sitting Position.

  1. The back is straight. Hands behind the head, and crossed fingers. You can start the pressure on the head with the hands. The head must resist.
  2. Place the right palm on the right temple. You start with pressure on the temples. The head must resist. They do the same with the other side.
  3. Bow of the head to the seat heating front seat heating front — to-rear. Repeat 20 to 40 times.
  4. Tilt the head to the side. Repeat of 20 to 60 times.
  5. Turn the head to the right and left side from twenty to forty times.
  6. Rotation of the head 40 times.

Position: sit on the floor, the king's meadow to the chest of drawers. You put a meadow head to the King, stretching out the neck. Fix the Position for twenty to fifty seconds.

Repeat the exercise in 3 sets. Each of them should continue to seconds it for at least 20.

Then, the inclinations of the head to the left and right, forward and backward to 20 each time. Exercises should be performed daily. You can activate all of the physical elements. The main thing is that there are no violent movements and twitches.

The intake of natural remedies for osteochondrosis should be combined with the right diet. On oily and spicy food, you should forget. In the category of the prohibition of pig meat, meat broths, alcohol, coffee, strong tea falls. In the diet included only healthy food must be fruit, Can products, meat and fish low-fat varieties of milk and plenty of water.


Acupuncture can really help in the case of the osteochondrosis. The reason for this is that along the spine, many active points are located sufficiently close to the needles act. Degenerative processes in the intervertebral discs lead that the vessels are compressed and the ends of the nerves, resulting in so-called trigger points — painful, nodular densification form. Just the presence of such points connect with pain in the back, which is typical for osteochondrosis. These points are very sensitive to mechanical influences. Therefore, by the introduction of needles into the trigger points can relieve tension and relieve pain.

In contrast to many other therapies, acupuncture may even during the acute and strong pain. In this treatment method, there are practically no contraindications, it causes no side-effects (e.g. allergies, as in the application of drug treatment).

Acupuncture activates the production of hormones in the adrenal glands, causing the vessel wall is less permeable, regulates the production of blood. Very effective is the combination of acupuncture and Massage.

It is very important, what is the impact of the methodology the doctor uses. If it is the principles of acupuncture, will be then only be achieved muscle relaxation, resulting in some relief of the pain to a certain period of time. If the physician works according to the principles of Chinese medicine, in addition to the relaxation of the muscles running mechanisms of the self-improvement of the body. That is, the result will be more than persistent and long-lasting.

Diet meals

The diet in this disease creates the necessary "background" for a successful healing, reduces the likelihood of adverse effects of drug therapy.

The body needs a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and biologically active substances. Protein in the diet should not be less than 80 gr., Fat: 30 gr. plant and 50 gr. the animal, the level of carbohydrates should be reduced up to 300 — 400 gr. better make it through the sugar. In addition, you need to reduce the amount of consumed salt (not more than 3 grams per day), liquid. Food you take often, but small portions 5-6 times a day. Should you refuse spicy, smoked, alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

Diet meals

It is important that sufficient amount of vitamins P, PP, C, B1 and B2. In the cold season it is desirable, multi vitamins.

Total weight of the food for a day is about 2 pounds of liquid per day I Liter of for about a. Nutrient in the ration of density of between 2500 kcal.


When cervical osteochondrosis can not be:

  • Lift weights (if necessary, you should perform actions with your back straight, do not tilt the head to the heated seats the front heated seats);
  • you can't crack the vertebrae (these movements disturb the integrity of the contact surfaces of the spine);
  • sleep on a high pillow, a soft bed (which causes tension in the muscles of the back);
  • leading a sedentary (reasonable Jogging, swimming, walking) life;
  • to make the diagnosis and prescribe medication.

If the time is not spine, the treatment of osteochondrosis of the neck, the disease leads to such complications as:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Stroke;
  • Drop in blood pressure;
  • serious violations of the medullary circulation, threaten, trouble sleeping, disorders in the CNS, forgetfulness, others to follow;
  • Migraine into a chronic Form;
  • Dystonia (VSD).

Treatment of cervical degenerative disc folk medicine diseases should be exclusively in periods of Remission of the disease. Significant improvements in his condition, possible, by the people's recipes for a long time (at least 1-2 months).


Very important is the prevention of osteochondrosis of the neck is the spine, to bring the disease to the second or third degree. Use the following recommendations for the use of preventive measures. This will help you back cases, to exclude osteochondrosis, prevent it from appearance:

  • Follow the diet, which should be based on the consumption of foodstuffs with a content of Calcium, Magnesium.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress and pillow you choose a small so that you don't, you bullied the head during sleep.
  • Try to an active sporting life: visit the fitness room, the Sauna, various therapeutic massages, baths.
  • If your working day is planned so that you can sit the whole time on the spot (sitting at the end of the activity), often try, the simple warm-up of the head, cervical part of the spine of the ridge as a whole.
  • get rid of inactivity (to move more and more, Nordic walking, dancing, swimming);
  • monitoring of body weight, avoidance of excess weight (it leads to a disturbance of the blood circulation, nutrition, and the neck area);
  • Follow the posture (in the case of your violation of the load on the spine unevenly distributed);
  • avoid micro-traumas in the neck area (weights lift properly and wear);
  • you treat the foci of chronic infection (ENT-bodies, etc.), reduce the resistance power of the body, the lymph and blood circulation in the ligaments and tissue of the neck.

Positive results in the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease treatment through the use of the complex. The treatment in house conditions will be effective only in the careful observance of all appointments and their daily use.